EUROSCI was born in 2016 as a network of international academic players (such as universities, research centres, departments, teams, individual experts) that shared a common interest in the study of the European Union and European integration from a scientific perspective. The Network allowed gathering information, exchanging practices, building knowledge, and promoting a better understanding of the European integration process across the globe. As it developed, the scope of the Network expanded to other topics and regions, and EUROSCI became a truly global network.

The activities of the Network include gathering and promoting information and results on methodologies applied to high-level research and teaching; enhancing cooperation between different universities and other relevant bodies throughout Europe and around the world; exchanging knowledge and expertise to improve good practices; and fostering cooperation and exchanges with public actors inside and outside the EU on highly relevant subjects.

EUROSCI explores the opportunities of e-Learning for international co-operation beyond the traditional mobility of students and teachers. Recent initiatives include the organisation of a massive open online course of European integration with synchronous lectures and asynchronous seminar discussions across five different universities of the Network.

Should you be interested in joining, or simply knowing more about the Network, please do not hesitate to use the site-wide contact form at the top of the page.

1 January, 2017